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Friday Night Trivia Fun

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 01 August 2014

Radio Free Caemlyn

Last week I had the pleasure of guest hosting on the Radio Free Caemlyn show for their weekly live ‘Friday Night Trivia’ show. If you missed the live show, you can still catch it along with other past recorded (audio podcast) shows along with upcoming live shows of course here on the Radio Free Caemlyn page on Talkshoe (the show I hosted was the 7/25/2014 "CLXXXI" episode, but feel free to check out any or all of the others as well). 

I take part on the Friday Night Trivia show (Fridays at 9pm US Eastern time) whenever possible as it’s a fun way to unwind and close out the week. The trivia questions can be of any topic. That said, the crowd that participates in it are like myself, made up of science fiction and fantasy fans, so often the question categories will cover this range. Don’t be shy, join in on the fun. Chances are good that you’ll also run into not only some of the hosts of Doctor Who: Podshock, but the Cultdom Collective as well on a typical Friday night.

Thanks to ‘Rand al’Thor’ who is the actual host and who organizes the show.

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